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Cementation Skanska Work With Titan 650


Cementation Skanska are trialling the innovative Titan 650 pile testing system.

The piling and ground engineering specialists have taken delivery of the fully automated and remotely controlled system.

They have been renting the unit from Atlas Pile Testing Systems on a rolling basis since October and have been impressed with the results.

Anthony Fisher, FDA Manager, Cementation Skanska said: “The Titan 650 has raised the bar in terms of levels of quality.

“Cementation Skanska actually patented automatic load testing back in 1998 and some companies have developed their own systems since.

“But the Titan 650 is the first complete system available to actually purchase or hire off the shelf and we have been impressed with the results.”

The Titan 650 was launched by Atlas Pile Testing Systems in the summer of 2017.

It is fully compliant with the ICE SPERWall Third Edition and provides unprecedented levels of quality and control.

Atlas Pile Testing Systems have been inundated with enquires for the Titan 650 since its launch from around the world.

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