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I have worked with James during his time at the News of the World and on other projects since. He has a lot of enthusiasm for work and is genuine in his approach, acting with honesty and integrity.
James has an intimate knowledge of how newspapers work, their needs and demands, while also gaining equal respect in broadcasting and television, where his opinions are constantly sought on top current issues.
James is a personable professional who is quickly able to gain the confidence of high profile people. He is a reliable, trustworthy and has an excellent track record in major news publications.
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Mobile Force Field

Written by James Fletcher - Onside PR


Mobile Force Field is the world’s first proactive preventative protection for children using smart phones and tablets.

It has been designed to keep children safe from cyber bullying, accessing inappropriate websites, viewing unsuitable content and images.

Mobile Force Field provides parents with peace of mind whilst ensuring that children can enjoy safe and unmonitored access to the internet from mobile devices wherever they are, however they access the web.

The concept was designed specifically because the issue had never previously been addressed.

Whilst it was possible for parents to place restrictions on home computers and wi-fi networks there was nothing to protect children using mobile devices via the ever increasing network of free wi-fi hot spots or via 3G and 4G networks.


Mobile Force Field was originally presented to Onside PR in the summer of 2013 as a concept. It had a different name and was very much a work in progress.

Onside PR were charged with task of translating the concept into a brand – with responsibilities for all aspects of marketing, PR before bringing a marketable product to market.

It was clear having researched the product that an alternative approach was required and we undertook a complete review of the original marketing strategy and branding.

The expertise and brilliance behind the technology of Mobile Force Field could not and should not ever be underestimated however it was immediately clear to Onside PR that a more consumer friendly approach was required.


Mobile Force Field as it exists today was very much a result of the collaborative efforts of the entire team – with each member taking responsibility for their own individual area of expertise.

Onside PR led the front of house activity, leading a web design and branding team through the creative process with the results a very strong, clear identity.

We worked in partnership with our preferred external web design team Carbon Creative and the software developers for more than 12 months to produce an application, a business ready for a global launch.

Marketing material to support the Mobile Force Field concept was produced and presented to key figures from education, health, police, child welfare and charities ahead of the product launch.

Social media sites were established ensuring Mobile Force Field had a strong online presence ahead of the proposed launch – whilst a wealth of material was prepared for key media, education, health and police contacts.

Mobile Force Field – Website

Click here to view Mobile Force Field website

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