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I have worked with James during his time at the News of the World and on other projects since. He has a lot of enthusiasm for work and is genuine in his approach, acting with honesty and integrity.
James has an intimate knowledge of how newspapers work, their needs and demands, while also gaining equal respect in broadcasting and television, where his opinions are constantly sought on top current issues.
James is a personable professional who is quickly able to gain the confidence of high profile people. He is a reliable, trustworthy and has an excellent track record in major news publications.
Founder James Fletcher has more than 15 years worth of experience working for national newspapers, television and radio broadcasters

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B2B Services

Effective PR management is crucial for all businesses – big or small.

Whether your goal is to raise your profile, build a reputation or protect an existing profile or brand it has to be handled carefully.

For many smaller businesses the idea of B2B – or Business-to-business may be important in terms of the operation of the business yet B2B PR is often overlooked.

So, a business may do business with another when it requires new stock for example but will often decide to keep the reason for that new stock in house, feeling in the majority of cases it is simply not interesting to anyone outside of their operation.

How wrong. The B2B market is crucial when it comes to attracting outside investor, building an audience (particularly with regard to social media) and demonstrating the success of your business to your peers.

Crucially the correct use of B2B PR could save your businesses money by enabling you to strike a more competitive deal thanks to increased options.

For example a furniture supply business that installs new offices for a law firm might consider that a press release aimed at a legal publication might inspire other law firms to turn to them for business.

Far too often businesses are so busy getting on the business of running their business they don’t have time or see the need to shout about their success or daily routine. This is a big mistake.

Onside PR will provide you with an unique insight into today’s modern media, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

We offer full media relations service, stakeholder engagement and consultation services.

Onside will coordinate your businesses community engagement needs and manage your corporate social responsibilities, showing you the advantages of acting in a responsible with local communities to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Thanks to today’s modern media, the explosion of social media and an unregulated internet we really do live in a 24-hour 365-day-a-year news environment and having Onside on board means you can at least be safe in the knowledge that your business or profile is protected.

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