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I have worked with James during his time at the News of the World and on other projects since. He has a lot of enthusiasm for work and is genuine in his approach, acting with honesty and integrity.
James has an intimate knowledge of how newspapers work, their needs and demands, while also gaining equal respect in broadcasting and television, where his opinions are constantly sought on top current issues.
James is a personable professional who is quickly able to gain the confidence of high profile people. He is a reliable, trustworthy and has an excellent track record in major news publications.
Founder James Fletcher has more than 15 years worth of experience working for national newspapers, television and radio broadcasters

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Story To Sell?

Do you have a story to sell? Onside PR will ensure you receive the best advice and best deal for your story.

Do you have a story to sell?

Newspapers and magazines still pay for stories and features and we can ensure you get the best deal.

News stories happen around us all of the time.

One person’s fish and chips is another person’s opportunity.

Some like the attention, others can think of nothing worse.

To some, the thought of a ‘selling’ a story to a newspaper or media organisation seems immediately distasteful.

Others revel in the limelight.

Like it or not it happens. It has always happened and it will continue to happen.

Celebrity figures, sporting personalities and high profile politicians use the media for their own ends.

You will almost certainly have heard the expression ‘spinning’ – it is exactly the same as a member of the public ‘selling’ their story but not necessarily for immediate financial gain.

Whilst their motivatiton may not be financial the principal remains the same.


The most important aspect to remember when dealing with the media over the potential sale of a story is to retain control.

We can walk you through the process ensuring you get the right deal not just in a monetary sense but by ensuring you see the potential pitfalls and ramifications of your actions.

There are many different reasons people choose to place a story. It may be a simple case of wanting to ‘set the record straight’, it may be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for others.

It may be that you are a victim of circumstance; caught in an accident, a witness to a crime?

It may be for positive reasons; perhaps you have won the lottery, enjoyed success in business or have enjoyed an experience you wish to share?

Whatever the reason; Onside ensure our clients remain in control of their story and receive the correct rewards.

Most importantly our clients are treated with respect, dignity and absolute confidentiality.

We will give you an honest assessment of what the story may be worth, where it should be placed and walk you through the process from start to finish ensuring satisfaction for clients and our media partners.

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