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I have worked with James during his time at the News of the World and on other projects since. He has a lot of enthusiasm for work and is genuine in his approach, acting with honesty and integrity.
James has an intimate knowledge of how newspapers work, their needs and demands, while also gaining equal respect in broadcasting and television, where his opinions are constantly sought on top current issues.
James is a personable professional who is quickly able to gain the confidence of high profile people. He is a reliable, trustworthy and has an excellent track record in major news publications.
Founder James Fletcher has more than 15 years worth of experience working for national newspapers, television and radio broadcasters

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Media Managing

Media Management

Media managing is not a job for the faint hearted. The Fleet Street pack have a reputation that strikes fear into the hearts of many.

It shouldn’t. Generally journalists are terrific people and we have been honoured to work with some of the biggest names in journalism during my career as a journalist and as a PR consultant.

Timing, understanding of deadlines and general requirements of the media invited generally to cover your story are key ingredients to a reasonable working relationship between subject and story teller.

Onside PR provide the connection between the two, understanding what is required by both sides and provide expert media managing that allows both sides to flourish and prosper.

There is no need for the bunker mentality. Actually in the main it is possible to work with journalists if you understand the pressures they face.

News is a 24 hour-a-day, seven day a week operation.

The emergence of the internet, satellite television and the rapid advancement of mobile telephone technology means the demand for news is constant.

Media outlets need to feed their frenzied appetite and that means they need information – even if sometimes that information isn’t particularly revealing.

Onside will provide an outlet for the media. Available 24/7 we can establish a press office environment to ensure media enquiries are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Onside can:

  • Establish a press office for clients or review their current operation
  • Provide 24/7 media liaison service – particularly press office relation to football/sporting clubs that enables management to get on with running the business rather than dealing with press enquiries.
  • Produce press releases, Board statements, media updates
  • Coordinate or produce copy for websites and in-house publications
  • Support all marketing and commercial activities (both internal and external departments)
  • Coordinate charity events, proactive issues involving clients
  • Organise media accreditation
  • Host press conferences, product launches, major events

Never miss out on a media opportunity by ensuring they know where to look when they have a question or query.

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