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WASP Plays Crucial Role In Taiwan Earthquake


The WASP has been used to protect rescue workers after an earthquake devastated Taiwan.

Firefighters deployed WASP units as they searched collapsed buildings for trapped survivors.

The WASP, or Warning Alarm for Stability Protection, is used to warn of potential movement as they searched buildings for trapped victims.

The earthquake, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, killed two people and left more than 200 people injured after striking at 23:50 local time about 20km off the island’s east coast.

WASP founder Matt Keogh, said: “The Taiwanese firefighters have been working with the WASP for around 12 months and know what an effective tool it is.

“Some of the buildings had partially collapsed and the firefighters wanted to make sure everyone escaped safely.

“By attaching the WASP to ladders they were able to work safely and securely knowing that any further movement or vibration would be detected by the units.

“Given the inspiration for the WASP was an earthquake I attended in Gujarat in 2001 it is incredibly satisfying to know it is being used today to protect others.”

The WASP launched in September 2016 at the Emergency Services Show and is now being used by emergency service personnel around the world.

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