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I have worked with James during his time at the News of the World and on other projects since. He has a lot of enthusiasm for work and is genuine in his approach, acting with honesty and integrity.
James has an intimate knowledge of how newspapers work, their needs and demands, while also gaining equal respect in broadcasting and television, where his opinions are constantly sought on top current issues.
James is a personable professional who is quickly able to gain the confidence of high profile people. He is a reliable, trustworthy and has an excellent track record in major news publications.
Founder James Fletcher has more than 15 years worth of experience working for national newspapers, television and radio broadcasters

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High profile personalities, sports stars, celebrity figures, politicians or high net worth individuals need need protection, guidance and professional representation.

It has been said that it can take years to earn a reputation and just a few seconds to destroy it and in the vast majority of cases the representation they require results in zero publicity.

Professional representation from Onside PR provides the media with a focal point for any interest and an opportunity to manage media interest and ensuring the client remains a safe distance from the firing line.

Some would refer to the art as ‘spin doctoring’ but really it is a way of filtering the mundane every day enquiries from the client and helping them to understand the bits that important and those that are not – and then acting as messenger on the clients behalf.

Having worked for more than two decades as a top class journalist I have been fortunate to work with some of the most famous sports people on the planet, politicians and celebrity figures. The reason for the longevity of those relationships is the fact that they trust me.

It has also provided me with an insight into the entourage that often surrounds high profile personalities – and all too often is clear that agents, ‘business’ advisors and ‘experts’ flock to these figures claiming to be able to help.

There are some incredible agents and I’ve been privileged to work with many of them but there are sadly many who, even if full of good intentions, do not have the expertise to really guide clients.

Invariably that leads the individual exposed and that is not good enough.

I have worked with numerous individuals – particularly in professional sport – who have relied on such ‘experts’ and then found themselves totally exposed and called on my services.

Too often the crisis could have been averted had the individual been forewarned.

My experience, expertise and contacts book provides clients with insider knowledge and allows us to develop a strategic approach to ensure your requirements are met.

Clients can avoid unwanted headlines with careful management and guidance – rather than finding themselves caught in the headlights and scrambling for help after the┬áhorse has bolted.

In cases when it is not possible to completely avoid publicity clients have to revert to damage limitation exercises and that is not the time to work with an agency who claims to know what they are doing.

Onside PR will hold a client by the hand and guide them through the media minefield to a place of safety and security even if that sometimes involves making difficult decisions.

That same knowledge and experience can be used in a positive manner to build profile and awareness of clients or their business.

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