Creating your identity

It takes 2.6 seconds to make an impression and that means your branding is crucial for the success of your business.

It is your identity, it sets the standards for customers and creates that vitally important first impression.

Branding is more than just a logo, or a business card or office stationery.

It is the public face of your business, it is a perception, a promise, an assurance of what will be delivered.

Working with our branding partners, we have created brand launch strategies, branding reviews and complete rebranding exercises.

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Creating identities for
your business or brand

Creating brands to deliver clarity

When creating a new brand or working with a client on a rebranding exercise, we believe it is crucial to really understand the client.

We spend time getting to know the workforce, the sector in which clients operate, the personalities of key staff and the arena in which they work.

Brand Workshop – The best starting place is usually an hour long face-to-face workshop involving key members of staff.

This is essentially an evidence gathering process, an opportunity to understand what the client likes, and does not, both in terms of ideas, colours and concepts.

Research – We go away and research ideas and concepts and begin work laying out design visuals to share with the client.

This is not just about creating pretty logos. We present visual creatives backed with a rationale explaining the ideas, the reasoning behind ideas and concepts.

Collaboration – We exchange our ideas with clients in a series of face-to-face meetings and online project management software.

We are proud that, in most cases, we get it right first time – and this is because we listen to the client – but we are happy to amend and resubmit ideas to get the final format right.

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Stunning visuals bring
your brand to life

It's more than just a logo

Creating a successful brand strategy is about understanding the personality and beliefs of an organisation, it’s brand DNA.

This DNA provides inspiration for our creatives including visuals, style and the tone of any content.

Mission Statement – A mission statement identifies an organisations purpose, it’s goals and describes the products or services and customers. This is normally produced by the client but we can help, or produce it on your behalf.

Visions, Values & Belief – Visions and Values provide employees with a clear focus, along with a direction and sense of purpose.

Working with employees, we create a clear ‘photograph’ – or Vision – of an organisation that everyone understands.

The Values ensure employees understand how to behave towards each other, creating understanding, tolerances, and trust.

These visions and values could be turned into an employee handbook, or set of visuals displayed internally.

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Visual Identity

Creating your style

The leading brands make it look easy, effortless, swanlike.

But to get to the point where everything seems so syncronised, so fluid, so smooth requires a tremendous amount of work getting the basics right.

Attention to detail, laying foundations which allow the brand to grow and move forward.

Onside PR adopt a threefold approach to provide clients with the ability to develop.

Brandmark logo – The logo is the most important part of your brand identity. It should represent your business and the DNA of the people working with it.

It should stand out from the crowd, be memorable and become recognised as a symbol of trust and reputation.

Visual Identity – We will create a visual toolkit of creative graphic assets, unique to your brand designed to create consistency.

This will combine font selection, colours, illustration, and photographic style and establish the tone of voice for copywriting.

Brand Guidelines – Consistency is key. Our brand book will demonstrate the fundamental rules regarding the logo, colour schemes, fonts and formatting.

This is crucial for the creation of marketing collateral including stationery, letterheads, marketing brochures, website or social media pages.

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