Celebrity Brokerage


Celebrity Brokerage

Celebrity endorsement can provide the ‘wow’ factor to your campaign or event.

Whether it is a politician, actor, pop star or sporting celebrity, Onside PR can find the right celebrity figure for you.

Over the years we have worked with numerous celebrities from the world of stage, screen and sport.

We have a direct line to many celebrity figures and can arrange the right personality for your event.

Celebrity figures help to generate media interest and enable clients to use their social media following to communicate their story.

The growing importance of social media influencers should also be considered. Choosing the right influence to write about your brand or product can communicate your story to millions in minutes.

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Stars of stage, screen and sport

Celebrity backing for a product, brand or service can be hugely beneficial.

They provide an immediate credibility and draw a crowd, as well as media attention.

Relevance though is key. Are they connected to your brand, would they use your product. Crucially, do they have a personality you would like to work with, and be associated with.

Believe us, some. celebrity figures are frankly a pain in the derrière when the cameras are off and should be avoided.

Get it right and enjoy the success, particularly the audience they bring with them in terms of their social media following.

Celebrities used correctly in promotional material and marketing collateral can add gravitas and credibility to a brand, service or product. The use of celebrity figures in video, photographic material and allows clients to communicate key messaging.

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Entertain Your Clients

Celebrity figures draw a crowd and attract media attention.

Adding a personal appearance by a relevant public figure could be the difference between success and failure for your event.

PAs should not be a vanity project for clients, they should not be an excuse to simply meet a childhood hero and, with careful thought and planning, can be hugely successful.

VIP openings, open days, special event, awards ceremony or employee bonding events, all will benefit from a relevant PA.

After-dinner, inspirational speeches, motivational talks or comedic memories of a fascinating career, all draw in the crowd and keep guests entertained.

Onside PR can source and supply the speaker most relevant to your event, be it a conference, social networking event or function, with access to politicians, entrepreneurs, business leaders, sporting and showbiz personalities.

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Social Media

Social Media influencers have turned the art of blogging into a hugely important business that should not be dismissed.

They provide credibility in a specific sector to huge audiences around the world. Put simply, people act on their recommendations.

If a social media influencer, who started blogging about something they were passionate about and gained traction they did so, because their followers believe and trust their advice.

The irony here is that the true success stories have been hugely important revenue generating businesses because they didn’t set out to be a business. They wanted to swap ideas, thoughts and comments about things that interested them.

Examples of social media influences include Huda Kattan, arguably the world’s most influential beauty expert with 29 million Instagram followers to her page @hudabeauty, Cameron Dallas, who vlogs and blogs about music and video to the 21 million followers of his @camerondallas Instagram account and the UK’s very own cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchcliffe, who passes on cleaning tips to the 2.5 million followers of her @Mrshinchhome account.

Celebrity figures are also key influencers because of their mass following with may fans or followers keen to follow in their footsteps of their idols.

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