Content Production


Content Production

Crispy, punchy, copy

Everyone can write can’t they?

If we had a penny for every wannabe journalist we’ve ever worked with well, let’s just say we would be pretty well off.

It is either the marketeer, who fell into marketing because they didn’t make it as a journalist, or the social media manager (who was given the role because they have a Facebook account) or worse the CEO who believes they can fly when it comes to words.

Worse than that, it’s a role nobody wants so it falls to a member of staff who is simply doing what they are told.

Copywriting is an art, all too often taken for granted.

If you properly, content production can be a key tool for your business.

It should tell your story, communicate key messaging that ultimately sell your brand, product or service.

Content should be succinct, to the point. It should be easily understandable and jargon free.

It will be used on web pages, promotional materials, press releases, advertising materials, blogs and much, much more.

Copy should be interesting, engaging, it should be unique and relevant.

Crucially it should be fully loaded with key words, long tail key words, the ‘things’ that feed search engines and ultimately attract visitors.

Creative writing, self-indulgent displays of articulation should be avoided at all costs.

Clients who always fancied themselves as journalists should not regard copywriting as an opportunity to showcase hidden talents. Stick to the day job.

Onside PR deliver punchy, relevant, engaging content. We deliver your message to the audience you desire.

Online content is key, websites and social media platforms are essential free virtual real estate platforms that are read continually by search engine bots while good old fashioned printed promotional material reinforces the message.

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Online Content

Websites And Social Media

The dark days of the SEO specialists is over. Hail the revolution.

Finally, the importance of the written word, the need to produce regular, engaging and relevant content is now key.

That means content writing for online media, be it websites, social media or blogs, is hugely important.

Search engine bots search ferociously around the block for information that might be interesting to readers, to their customers.

Static pages, or web pages that do not change or are never updated, spell disaster for those who do not understand.

The ‘build it and they shall come’ approach simply does not work.

Most clients do not even know what a bot is? Why should you?

Well, because it is super important if you want to be discovered online.

In essence, search engines relay on automated software agents called spiders, crawlers, robots and bots. These bots literally crawl through individual pages of web sites looking for infrormation which may be relevant to the customers using their search engines for information.

Onside PR produce content that is relevant and interesting to clients and their customers – but crucially content that will be found by search engine bots.

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Press Release

Print ready, spike proof

PRs and marketeers should be familiar with the ‘spike’ – most of their press releases end up there.

To spike a story used to mean a story had been pulled from publication at the last minute, perhaps it had fallen down or just had to make way for something more interesting.

When Onside PR founder James Fletcher started on local newspapers in the 1990s the spike was literally a metal spike poking from a wooden block. The final resting place for releases that would not be used.

These days, the trash can of an email inbox has replaced the physical spike, Health and Safety would have had it removed anyway had the digital revolution not transformed our industry.

But the spike is used now far more than it ever was. The vast majority of press releases are spiked without journalists reading beyond the first line, or even opening the release, depending on how it is sent.

Journalists, the few that remain, don’t have time. Authors of most releases do not have the talent and they certainly do not understand the pressures, demands or bigger picture faced at any particular time by newsdesk and individual journalists.

Onside PR do. We were that journalist, that newsdesk.

We produced content designed to assist newsdesk. Print ready, personalised content which can be written to order – to ensure we avoid the dreaded spike.

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Printed Marketing Collateral

Print Ready Content

We live very much in a digital world but the age of print is not dead yet.

The production of interesting, engaging, printed marketing collateral still has a crucial role to play in the promotion of brands, products and services.

Printed brochures, stat sheets, information booklets or pamphlets tend to hang around.

They tend to be read properly by those with a genuine interest, as oppose to online material which can be taken for granted and discarded, and add an old school credibility. A feeling of doing things the right way. That things have been thought through.

Content should be produced in a way which easy to understand, which properly communicates key messaging and yet remains interesting.

Onside PR provide a one-stop shop for clients requiring design, photography and written content.

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