Crisis Management


Crisis Management

Controlling the chaos

Onside PR are crisis management specialists.

Our national newspaper experience is crucial in provide Onside PR clients with the very best crisis management.

Crisis management is required whenever something happens, an event, or incident which threatens to damage the organisation, individual or stakeholder.

Sometimes it is about controlling the crash landing, about understanding the impact of actions further down the line.

Timing is key. Decision making crucial.

Our ability to remain calm in the face of the storm and provide impartial, straight-to-the-point insight provides clients with the ability to stay ahead of the storm.

Allows us to swiftly and efficiently evaluate the current position and plot a path to safety, with minimum disruption or disturbance.

Onside PR founder James Fletcher will personally handle crisis management issues for clients.

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Control the crisis
with proactive management

Doing nothing is never an option

Doing nothing is never an option when it comes to crisis management.

This is no time to be an ostrich.

Burying your head in the sand will just delay the inevitable and when you finally come for air, the problem has intensified.

The longer a problem, a crisis, is ignored the worse the problem will become and the more the damage will be exacerbated.

Our experience means we know how the media will react, we understand the angles and opportunities they will seek to exploit and are able to take proactive steps to stay one step ahead.

We own the crisis. We attempt to steer the path of the crisis. We don’t duck the crisis, we face it head-on.

Understanding the crisis and being able to predict where it is heading is part of the solution, having the right media contacts is the other.

On and off the record briefings, making media statements and sometimes laying low.

Appearing to do nothing does not mean we are doing nothing. We use the right tactics at the right time to manage the crisis.

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Planning and

Prevent the crisis by predicting problems

Crisis. What crisis?

Clearly, the best way to manage a crisis is to avoid it in the first place.

By carefully thinking forward, by planning ahead and understanding the ramifications of certain actions we can avert trouble.

Our knowledge of the media, our understanding of a story – or rather what makes a story for the media – provides invaluable insight for clients.

We still think like journalists and so can consider the impacts and potential media interest of decisions made, policy adoption or matters which could spark unwanted media attention.

Onside PR will advise on the potential ramifications and provide clients with unparalleled insight.

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Media deals will
reduce the impact

Minimise impact of breaking stories

Sometimes a compromise deal is the only way out for clients.

An orderly controlled crash landing if you like.

Countless high profile celebrities have been seen to ‘confess’ to failings or issues, apparently of their own free will, when the truth is a deal has been negotiated to present a controlled fall rather than the horror of being ‘outed’ by the national press.

Other times a disgruntled former employee, a spurned partner, or other unforeseen issue could create problems for clients that may be avoidable,

In such circumstances, our experience and journalist contacts are invaluable, and allow us to negotiate with the media.

There is no use pretending this doesn’t happen. It does. It is common practice to offer alternative stories in exchange for dropping the original line or story.

Our legal counsel will also step in where necessary to ensure clients rights are protected in order with legal requirements and newspaper/broadcasting codes of conduct.

We have advised high profile individuals within the football industry and acted as consultants to football agents.

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