Journalism never leaves you

You never stop being a journalist. If you do, you weren’t one in the first place.

The buzz of a deadline, the sell of a story, the pressure of a crisis, the demand for knowledge, for justice and equality.

It’s what makes journalists tick. It never leaves you. Not if you truly had it in the first place.

Onside PR founder James Fletcher left newspapers to switch codes. Classic poacher turned gamekeeper style in 2007.

Not because of falling out of love with journalism. Far from it.

Just an understanding that things were changing and the sad decline in newspapers made change was inevitable.

And through Onside PR, James has been able to use his journalistic experience to help many, many clients tip-toe through crisis situations or to promote their brand, product or service.

But, he has also kept his hand in and will consider editorial projects, as he did in 2010 when he returned to the Daily Mirror to provide cover as Assistant News Editor.

Onside PR will continue to provide a variety of editorial services including featuring writing, news / sports desk cover, travel and freelance projects.

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Newspapers, Magazines and Online Media

Writing services across a variety of projects

Journalists love telling stories – almost as much as they do seeking them.

And you can’t ‘retire’ a nose for a story.

Journalists who make the move into PR should be able to use this ability to make the mundane newsworthy, transforming dull product releases into interesting articles, and launches into a newsworthy events.

But sometimes it just isn’t enough.

Onside PR founder James Fletcher has remained close to his journalist roots. Returning from time-to-time to Fleet Street to work on special products, or to provide emergency cover to news and sports desk.

Fletcher remains a member of the Football Writers Association and retains close friendships with editorial and production staff working on the front line of national newspapers, TV and radio.

This enables us to ‘slot-in’ where required and provide a range of editorial services from news and sports desk cover, feature writing, news and sports reporting – as well as providing freelance services for magazines, websites or other publications.

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Ghost Writing

Writing books, columns and blogs

Ghost writing is a skill few truly comprehend.

It requires time and trust, the ability to get under the skin of the alleged author, and leaving the reader none-the-wiser.

As a national newspaper writer, Onside PR founder James Fletcher, was regular tasked with ghost writing columns.

Ghost writers produced articles, columns, books or other written works on behalf of another – without taking any credit.

It’s a bit like being an impressionist on TV but, aside from an occasional byline, no-one knows it is you.

Over the years I have been Sam Allardyce, Steven Gerrard, Prime Minster Tony Blair, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham, Will Carling and too many others to even mention.

Ghost writing requires a real skill and understanding of the credited author. The ability to write how you think they would.

That means getting to know them. Gaining their trust. Thinking in the way that they would. And being able to turn copy quickly, efficiently and in the style of the intended publication.

That experience is particularly useful in the production of books. Onside PR interview subjects as a journalist would and then turn that information into the subjects own words, noting their style and mannerisms, their quirks.

Being able to pull off such a feat is hugely satisfying and rewarding, though this isn’t a service for the egotistic writer. Often, only you, the subject matter and publisher know you ever existed.

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Freelance Projects

Features, special assignments and guest columns

Once a journalist, always a journalist. The passion for writing and breaking stories isn’t one easily extinguished.

The buzz of hitting deadlines, turning sharp, crisp copy that informs, engages with, and hopefully delights its readers, never leaves a journalist.

Onside PR founder James Fletcher has worked on numerous special media projects with national newspapers and magazines in both writing and managerial positions.

Fletcher returned to The Daily Mirror to sit in as Assistant News Editor for a spell and created and launch of JSP Live for Mirror Group Newspapers, a 24-page pull-out featuring junior football in the West Midlands.

He also teamed up with former Mirror colleague Jan Disley to write Jackson Unveiled, the definitive story of Michael Jackson. The entire project was completed and published within two weeks of his passing, thanks to many long hours and the expert editing skills of Ros Wynne-Jones.

Now Fletcher will produce travel, motoring or other features as well as producing guest columns, blogs and some freelance projects.

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