Marketing Review


Marketing Review

Clients generally contact Onside PR to promote their business.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, clients want media attention. They want to promote there brand, product or services.

No problem. That’s the easy part.

But are you really sure you want visitors right now?

Would you invite guests around for dinner party without cleaning your house or filling the fridge? Of course not. First impressions right?

You certainly would not put a For Sale sign outside a property and tee up an Open Day without having a tidy up first.

So why attract attention to a business without first making sure new visitors will be impressed by what they see?

Onside PR adopt a two-pronged marketing revised. Initially, without any assistance from the client we use our journalistic background to look from the outside in, what would others discover about you online, would they get the brand, service or product?

Then we spend time with key personnel understanding their thoughts on the business and highlight issues that need addressing. Then set about fixing them. Sometimes that means delivering a few home truths but, you have to break a few eggs and all that!

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Branding Review

There's more to branding than a logo

Whatever you do, don’t touch my logo.

The number of times clients have utter that line is breathtaking. And we understand. Totally.

Persuading a client to change a logo for the sake of it is clearly an easy win for some marketing companies who will waste time, energy and large sums of money redesigning a logo rather than addressing deeper problems.

Having a logo does not mean that you have a brand.

A brand is about principals. It represents the business. It stands behind every product, every service, it represents the business owners, the employees and the customers who use it.

Evolution not revolution. Things change. Businesses grow, they adapt, move with the times. What was relevant before may not be now. We have to roll with the punches a little and be prepared for growth.

Crucially, we must ensure we have a clear brand hierarchy in place, we must not allow a logo to cause confusion. There must be clear distinction – and yet a very defined relationship – between the brand, it’s products and services.

Branding must be consistent and that means using the same logo, the same colours, the same fonts, the same style across all public facing material. It matters because it shows control, discipline and that detail matters – and yet is so often overlooked.

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Digital Presence

Looking good online

Do you dazzle or disappoint digitally? Have you ever even stopped to wonder or are you too intwined to even notice?

There are many, many reasons why websites and social media accounts fall into disrepair or start off on the wrong foot altogether.

‘We don’t need a website’, ‘our customers know who we are’, ‘Facebook is for kids’ etc etc. All responses from former clients who do not understand the importance of their digital presence.

Often, those self-same business owners or managers will then happily trade insults via Twitter over sport or things they have seen without considering the bigger picture, and the reflection it could have on the wider business.

The website needs to work. Customers should be able to enjoy their visit, find what they need, navigate the site easily and be impressed by what they see, what they watch, what they read.

Websites very quickly become old. Outdated. Especially if they aren’t actually updated with fresh information. But as technologies change and customers change the way they choose to access sites, so too must we.

Those that don’t move with the times are already providing clients with negative messaging namely, we can’t afford to update, we can’t be bothered to update, or we are so quiet as a business nothing has happened so there is no need to update.

Others have allowed web designers to produce websites that are visually stunning, works of art but ultimately boil down to vanity projects for the creator, rather than an effective marketing tool.

Allow Onside PR to review your online presence and to ensure you have the tools you need.

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Strategic Review

Analysing past performance

We learn from our mistakes in life by remembering the negative impact of certain decisions.

Animals that bite or sting, food unsuitable to our palette, places we don’t like to visit.

Yet incredibly, when it comes to marketing huge swathes of clients herd-like buffalos to the same shows, the same exhibitions, the same events.

Why? Because we always do. And because everyone else does too. But was it really worth it? Did it deliver? If so what?

Very few take the time and trouble to actually analyse the results of last years marketing strategy.

Was it effective, what even is effective? Where you trying to enhance brand awareness or drive sales, leads, attract potential investment.

One size does not fit all and the true cost has to be measured by success – and all too often marketing spend becomes a financial spend out of necessity rather than a considered approach to delivering a particular outcome.

It is crucial that we understand the end game when attempting to deliver a marketing strategy.

The campaign should be designed within this in mind and this goal may be different year-on-year. Repeating the same mistakes without analysis the success or failure is simply a way to burn budgets.

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