Stunning Imagery

A picture says a thousand words – especially when it comes to websites and marketing collateral.

Visitors, customers first impressions is derived from the images they see.

It provides an immediate ‘feeling’ for the overall quality of the brand, product or service.

If the images look amateurish, then so too does the rest of the business. Harsh. Unfair. But the truth.

Having the ability to take a good photograph, even for the most talented of photographers, and produce images suitable for marketing purposes are not the same. In fact they are very different.

Lighting, the ability to crop and shape images for online purposes, positioning of branding, getting the balance of branding (often less is more) and considering the end purpose of the shots is a skill that should not be taken for granted.

The cost of a single shoot with a professional photography will provide clients with a wealth of strong, clean images for branding, promotional and marketing material which can be used online or in print.

Used correctly, custom photography is an asset which enforces brand and provides a a library of images to be used over time.

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Hero Shots

Showcase your brand

Hero shots should showcase the benefits of your brand, product or service.

They should sell your story without the need for words.

In short, hero shots are the primary visual element of your website. They are the money shot. The image which sells.

High-quality imagery hero shots will be used across marketing collateral, websites and social media.

They are designed to showcase the business or brand and should encapsulate and enhance the visions and values of the business.

Hero shots allow customers to picture themselves using the product, or working with the brand because of the obvious benefits and context of use and work particularly well with celebrity ambassadors.

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Product Shots

Keeping eyes on the prize

First impressions count – so why not start as you mean to go on?

Far too often the value of photography is overlooked.

Clients often spend huge amounts of time and money developing a product or particular service and yet fail to realise the importance of capturing it photographically.

Often the photography is left to a colleague who enjoys amateur photography, a relative or friend with an SLR or worse an inturn with an iPhone!

There is nothing wrong with the above if the operator is a professional and knows what they are doing. Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign is an incredible example of what can be achieved but, the resulting work was still set up and shot by professionals.

High-quality product shots are crucial.

People, customers, potential clients make an initial instant decision as to whether they are interested in learning more about your product, based on their first impression.

And that first impression, however much us wordsmiths feel is down to the quality of the written word, is formed by from the image on the page.

Think of it as a tipping point. Do we continue to find out more, or do we disengage and move away?

High-class photography showcases products, it attracts interests and drives sales.

It reflects your brand image, speaks directly to your target audience and is crucial for marketing collateral, both online and offline.

Products must be lit properly, show context – for example, a clean product shot coupled with an example of where, when and how the product could be used, and ultimately they must be optimized for the website.

Onside PR will encapsulate your story through a string of stunning images, perfected to tell your story.

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Event Photography

Events provide terrific opportunities for exposure – and yet the importance of having a photographer present is often overlooked.

Thousands of pounds and working hours go into the organising and subsequent staging of events.

Yet often, it is left to a member of staff armed only with a smartphone or SLR to ‘take a few photos’ for the website and socials.

This is crazy.

Onside PR arrange the photography of an event with the media in mind. Images that are suitable for online or printed publications have a chance of making. And that means publicity for clients.

We work with some of the finest photographers in the business, vastly experienced and used to covering major events from World Cups, Premiership matches, blue-chip sponsors, grade A celebrity figures and of course, a range of Onside PR clients from start-ups to major brands.

Golf days, VIP openings, visits or public events. Whatever the occasion it should be organised and captured photographically to be used as media collateral.

It also ensures the issue of copyright – a subject often overlooked – never becomes an issue and saves the embarrassment of having to seek permission, or pay for the right, to use an image of an event you organised.

As well as content for websites, media releases and general marketing collateral the imagery is also a great way of building social media followers, as the images provide the ability to follow and ‘tag-in’ subjects captured on camera.

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