Profile Building


Profile Building

Telling the world you are brilliant!

Behind every great business are great human beings – but often we don’t know who they are.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs or managers may inspire and breath expertise in their field but they are so busy getting on with getting on, little is known of their talents externally.

As a nation, we are modest and slightly self-effacing. It doesn’t seem very British to brag about your brilliance.

So leave it to the professional. Onside PR are profile building specialists. We will make sure everyone knows how good you and the reasons why.

Some may prefer to remain low key and under the radar but, if you want your business or brand to succeed it has to stand out from the crowd.

Onside PR will tailor a bespoke plan to provide the rewards required, raising the profile of both the business and the people that work within it to ensure that your key messaging is delivered to the audience you desire.

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Individual Profile

Make your message matter

How can you shoot the messager if you don’t know who the messager is?

The only shooting we want are photographic frames but the sentiment remains the same.

There are zillions of PRs pushing out stories on a daily basis. It’s a hugely crowded market and all are fighting for a tiny piece of real estate be it online or in print.

So we need to stand out from the crowd. And that means your message has to matter.

Onside PR work with business owners, CEOs or key personnel to present them as leading experts in their category.

We want media to come to us for comment on breaking stories that fall within our clients’ field of knowledge.

For the majority, there is no short term fix. Unless you are literally the only person in the world that does a particular thing there will be competition for space.

So, raising the profile of a particular individual should be regarded as a continual process, a longer-term strategic approach that requires continual delivery of the message.

Social media channels, content creation B2B media articles, and keynote speeches are all tactics that will deliver and raise an individuals profile.

But buyer beware. This is not a place for pretenders. Sticking your head above the parapet and speaking to your peers only works if you truly know your subject.

Get it right and the opportunities are endless. Understanding the message is key when it comes to external communication with the media, having it delivered by someone who matters is the perfect combination.

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Building Brand

Stand and deliver

They say familiarity breeds contempt. Well, not in this game.

Familiarity is crucial when it comes to building a brand.

Repetition of message. Being seen in the same space. Over and over again.

To be recognised is to be remembered and the longer that continues, the more people get used to seeing a brand or product the more it becomes trusted and the more likely they will be to do business.

So, how do we get the recognition in the first place? How do raise visibility?

Onside PR work with clients to raise brand profile in areas that are strategically important to the development of the business.

This often does not result in an immediate return on investment but is crucial to longer-term strategy and bigger picture thinking.

Identifying conferences, exhibitions or advertising campaigns in key B2B media titles are all designed to raise the brand profile.

Corporate memberships, sponsorships and effective management of CSR (corporate and social responsibility) opportunities all provide positive brand exposure.

Brand Profile

Enhancing your reputation


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Brand Partnership
& Affiliations

Being seen in the right places

Getting into bed with another can be a very pleasant experience – and be mutually beneficial.

A cleverly thought through strategy aligning oneself with another life minded brand or partners allows both to enjoy success and reach new, wider audiences.

Partnerships could involve like-minded brands with similar aspirations, ethos or ethics.

They could be in the same field or not, it is about being seen in the right company, compared in like-for-like terms.

Successful partnerships with media affiliates, charity organisations or even alongside end-users or suppliers will raise the profile of the brand or individual.

This is not a quick fix. A short cut to success.

This is about longer-term recognition, about establishing the identity of a brand and laying the foundations for other more traditional PR and marketing approaches.

The key objective is to ensure that your target audience recognises and understand the brand way before they have been subjected to any messaging. An almost subliminal approach to marketing. Except this is hidden in plain sight.

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