Representation Services

Keeping Clients Safe

Reputations take years to build and seconds to destroy.

A misplaced word, an ill thought through comment, a reckless or inconsiderate Tweet or social media posting.

The damage that can be caused by third party associations – because of something they have done – is often not considered.

Onside PR representation services protect against this, acting as a filter or buffer between client, media and the public.

This is a useful service for high profile personalities, sports stars, celebrity figures and high net worth individuals – both in keeping them out of the public eye and creating a focal point should any interest arise, whilst the client remains a safe distance from the firing line.

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Spinning And Profile

Managing media contact

Onside PR feed journalists stories. It’s what we do.

And that process results in headlines, stories that we control, or at least heavily influence.

Aside from enjoy personal relationships with many of the UK’s top journalists, those we don’t know understand they are speaking to a journalist when they take out call. They know, we know.

They understand we understand the stories of interest to them, the newsworthy element of that story and crucially, they know we are not wasting their time.

Understand the story, see the hook and the story has a more than better chance of being taken up by the media.

Write the story for them, provide print worthy quotes and the process becomes straightforward.

Onside PR enjoy a constant line of communication with the media.

Some referring to it as ‘spinning’ but it really is the art of story-telling, as in passing stories on rather than making up a tale of pure fantasy as some would presume when referring to a spin doctor.

The art of spinning is to take a story that portrays your client in a positive light, that places them centrally to the story and of course, talks regularly to the media to keep them updated.

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Privacy Protection

Managing media exposure

For many clients, the idea of any sort of media interest is abhorrent.

They have no need to create media headlines and wish to remain away from the public gaze, maintaining as low a profile as possible.

Onside PR can provide full reputation services for clients, appearing at events on their behalf, representing their requirements in meetings or with third parties.

This includes the acquisition of goods, services and provisions on their behalf whilst, all the time, providing guidance as to media interest in any decision or scenario.

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Representing Personalities

Managing athletes and personalities

Onside PR provide representation services for athletes and high profile personalities.

Whether you are an established name or rising star, Onside PR will work with you to maximise potential.

We make the most of opportunities for clients, negotiating deals, contracts and opportunities to raise exposure.

Our journalistic background places us perfectly to ensure our clients understand and avoid potential pitfalls.

And it means we can negotiate media partnerships which will raise profiles and kick-start careers.

In the event of misfortune, our crisis management skills kick in to provide protection for clients.

Onside PR understand the longer-term ramifications of decisions, contracts and provide advice designed to create long term stability.

We provide a complete service, from managing social media accounts, websites, acting in official spokesman capacity and of course, media liaison.

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