Sponsorship Management


Sponsorship Management

Millions are spent on sponsorship deals – but spending money does not guarantee success.

Sponsoring an event, a sports team or publication can be hugely successful but it can also be an expensive waste of time, money and worse – have negative connotations unless properly managed.

The true management of any sponsorship deal should begin long before it begins, with due diligence carried out to identify potential issues and opportunities.

Does the subject of the sponsorship deal truly fit within your brand or ethos? Is there a history of cooperation with previous sponsors and what are the benefits to your business?

What are the objectives of the sponsorship opportunity? Are they realistic and do they deliver anything other than an ego-trip for a small number of executives?

Onside PR provide sponsorship management services to maximise opportunities. We understand what will generate media coverage whilst protecting the reputation of clients.

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Sports Sponsorship

Maximising the return on investment

Sports sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool.

Sponsoring a top-flight football team is a terrific way of raising brand awareness as it allows the sponsor to gain huge visibility with opportunities for TV and media coverage.

Such sponsorships leverage loyalty with supporters of the particular club and across the sport in general and can be hugely beneficial but they are extremely expensive.

In 2018 Manchester United generated an astonishing €269 million-a-year (US$308.7 million) from 68 commercial deals. Car manufacturer Chevrolet paid €60 million-per-year (US$68.8 million) of that to be the club’s main sponsor. and have their name emblazoned across the first team shirt.

There are opportunities to sponsor almost every area of the club. United have insurance partners, tyre partners, music partners, logistic, coffee, mattress and pillows, even lubricant and fuel retail partners. The list is endless!

What is absolutely crucial is understanding from the start exactly what you will get in return for the sponsorship.

Make no mistake, unless it is agreed in the Rights Schedule it will not happen. Onside PR guide clients through the process to ensure opportunities are maximised before it’s too late.

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Supporting Charities

Maximising opportunities

Sponsoring an event is a great way to raise brand awareness.

Whether it is a sporting event, a conference, keynote speech, black-tie dinner or charity occasion they can provide a platform to get your brand or product in front of relevant customers or like-minded groups.

But the relevance here is key? Does the opportunity really fit your brand, what is the strategy behind such a partnership and will the return justify the expense?

Sometimes no outgoing expense is needed, simply providing the facility to host an event may suffice.

The opportunities are endless but they have to deliver value – and that involves an honest understanding of onestly get any sort of a return.

Sometimes executives will insist on sponsorship opportunities that really only work for their ego when the reality is that the return on investment is limited. He who pays says right?

Fine, providing the marketing team are not then left to carry the can and justify a lavish expense that was never likely to deliver.

Onside PR will examine the opportunities and give honest, professional opinion on the potential.
We will negotiate the best deals and ensure such sponsorships deliver for both client and event host.
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Media deals will
reduce the impact

Minimise impact of breaking stories

Not every business has the marketing budget of Coca Cola or Guinness.

That means opportunities to sponsor blockbuster brands like Manchester United or events such as the World Cup or Olympics are limited to the very few.

But it doesn’t mean that your business or brand can’t still enjoy the association with the big boys with a little bit of creative thinking.

There is more to life than the first team and the main event. There are scores of associated events, occasions, spin-offs, charity connections that if thought through can still result in exposure by association.

For example, the community arm of a football club still represent the main brand, but are often left to their own devices and need to prove they can be self-sufficient by attracting sponsorship or support.

Onside PR have worked very successfully with the team at Manchester City’s City In The Community team, helping them to raise funds for their day-to-day activities by associating them with relevant brands.

Sponsorship success does not always have to be gained by going through the front door. There are opportunities out there that most simply do not understand exist which far more cost-effective and often more rewarding.




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