Story To Sell


Story To Sell

Do you have a story to sell? Onside PR can manage the process on your behalf.

Do you even realise you have a story to sell or a way to capitalise on something you may know or have witnessed.

Selling stories is not just about cashing in on kiss-and-tells.

You may want to raise awareness to a charity event for very personal reasons, there may be an opportunity to expose a scam or criminal activity.

And of course, thanks to advances virtually everyone can be a photojournalist and capture real-time events as they happen on smartphones, CCTV and dashcam technology.

Onside PR can help you to recognise the value in these stories and help you to maximise the opportunities and manage the process.

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Selling Stories To The Media

Cash in on your story

Selling stories can be a lucrative business – particularly if the subject involves a celebrity.

The rules have changed from the days of the News of the World and the classic ‘kiss-and-tell’ buy-ups which enabled the likes of the now disgraced, and deceased, Max Clifford, to make clients hugely rich.

But there is still huge value in selling a story which makes headlines.

The value of the story depends on many factors. For example, the subject, the evidence to back up the allegation, are they photographs, video an email or social media trail?

Our knowledge of the media is unparalleled, as is our contacts book. It means we know immediately what story would work and for which publication.

Your privacy and protection is assured. We will work secure the maximum return for your story and ensure you are ready for the process and completely understand the process from start-to-finish.

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Sell Your Video Or Pictures

Maximise the value of your images

Pictures say a thousand words – and they can be worth their weight in gold.

Certainly, they will be worth their weight in pounds, dollars, or whichever currency is relevant to the media establishment interested in your snaps.

And Onside PR can help you to maximise the opportunities that exist via your imagery.

Onside PR has contacts around the world and works with picture and media agencies across the globe to ensure you cash in on your pictures and video.

We will ensure your image, video or social media capture receives the financial compensation it deserves, and help you to protect future use of the content.

That might include a casual encounter with a celebrity, a sportsperson, person of note or the capturing of an event that proves to be newsworthy, even if that was not the initial intention of the image.

So, before you post an image to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and then find it splashed all over the front pages or magazines stop and take control.

If it is an image that is likely to be used by ‘other’ media then it must be of interest, and so therefore if it is of interest it has a value. Let Onside PR help you realise that value.



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Human Interest

Using the media to highlight good causes

Selling stories to the media does not have to be about self-gratification or financial gain.

The media coverage itself can be priceless for those working on behalf of good causes.

Many times we see people pulling together for the greater good. Inspired by a moment of loss, illness, injury, death or destruction, but working for the greater good.

They might be raising funds for a particular cause, awareness of an issue or plight or with a very specific target or goal and media coverage of such an event will undoubtedly help their cause.

Behind each fundraiser or appeal however, there is always a starting point. A reason to do the thing in the first place and that is almost certain to involve a human interest story which will be of interest.

This is not always easy to manage for the individual concerned. Sometimes the fact that others have decided to ‘help’ pitches the subject of the fundraising into the limelight, when they may not have actually wanted the attention.

Onside PR can work with your organisation or group to maximise those media opportunities that may exist and to prepare those involved for what may follow.

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