Web Development


Web Development

Creating stunning websites

There are three billion reasons why a website is crucial to your success or failure.

With more than 3.2 billion people using the internet every day it is far more likely that customers or clients will first meet your ‘online’ self. And they will form an opinion – for better or worse – from what they learn about you online.

The irony is this ‘free’ real estate is often overlooked or somehow taken for granted by businesses who seem to believe that simply having a website is enough. A ‘build-it-and-they-shall-come’ approach simply does not work.

In fact, not having a website is better than having one that is allowed to stagnate, that is not updated or was created as a token gesture and given the advancements of platforms such as WordPress, there simply isn’t an excuse for not having a smart, modern, responsive website.

Onside PR will help you to create the website that works for you, that represents your business, ideas, products and services, and then ensure it continues to work for you but managing content and keeping it updated.

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Website Health Check

Is your site working?

Does your website work?

Looking fantastic and being effective is not the same when it comes to websites.

Too many web developers view websites as opportunities to show off. Look how clever I am.

That’s probably a tad harsh and often, it is the breakdown in communication between client and developer responsible for most failings.

Without clear instruction, a website designer will do their best and the result will be a stunning looking site, full of tricks, whistles, and bells.

But do they deliver? And when we talk about delivering, we mean do they tell your story.

After all, that is the reason for having a website in the first place. It is free online real estate. A place to share your unedited story. Your place to deliver your message, to showcase your products and services.

Often, the reason for the failure is the clients’ inability to deliver clear instruction. And that is understandable. If you don’t know what you can have, or have a clear idea of how to use it, then how can you direct effectively?

Whether you have an existing website or whether this is a fresh start, our approach is the same. We look at what you have, we consider what you need and then create a clear plan to deliver a website that delivers, whether that means working with what you have or starting from scratch.

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Website Design

Full fat or skinny options

Onside PR offer two simply approaches to website design, a skinny and a full fat service if you like?

Our preferred option, is to work with a digital design agency partner to produce a totally bespoke website and online digital presence.

We lead the process from start to finish. Removing the possibility of any confusion or messages lost in translation.

Onside PR take the time and effort to properly understand the needs and requirements of clients. What is the purpose of the website? What are we hoping to achieve?

With a clear plan in mind we created a complete brief – including a prospective wireframe – and then begin creating the content which will be required for the finished website.

Mood boards are created, followed by mock page designs and shared with clients for feedback before a fully bespoke, never to be repeated, responsive modern website is created.

Onside PR can provide photography, video production and the written content required.

Start-Ups and smaller business may not have the budget – or need for a bespoke website and instead, we offer an in-house website design service.

Our approach is fairly simple. We purchase an off-the-shelf template and personalise it with your content.

That mostly means creating new content but the website will be responsive, modern and provide clients with a stunning online presence.

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Website Content

Engaging online copy and content

Build it and they will come. Said no-one ever. In real life.

Well, Kevin Costner’s character in the film ‘Field of Dreams’ said it and it worked in the movies but it most certainly does not work for websites.

In fact, don’t build it at all is a better approach than build it and leave it.

‘We have a website’ preach the uneducated in this field. Not blaming them. Just saying they do not know. They don’t get it.

Websites need to be updated. They need to be kept fresh. And that means creating fresh content. Regularly. As often as you can.

But what do you publish? What makes interesting content and who are we writing for?

The key is recognising stories. Stories are happening all around us every moment of the day.

For many businesses, these stories are seen as ‘every-day’ occurrences. It’s what we do. And yet, they provide opportunities for content that others will find interesting.

Contract wins, job success, product launches, incidents that have occurred on site, awards, employee success. News is all around you, you just have to look.

Content should be varied. Company talking about how good they are is just boring. What about your employees, your corporate and social responsibilities, the commitment to the community and yes, of course, those contract wins that emphasis the sheer brilliance of your business or brand.

As former journalists, Onside PR recognise those opportunities and deliver content that is fresh, relevant and engaging.

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