Retrospective social housing fire safety solutions
Retrospective social housing fire safety solutions
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Protect24 are the UK’s leading provider of retrospective fire safety measures for social housing developments.

The company was formed in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, in which 72 people lost their lives.

There were no fire sprinklers or fire alarms at Grenfell and only a single escape route serving almost 300 people. It was a disaster which could – which should – have been prevented.

Grenfell highlighted a major flaw in UK housing rules that has been hidden in plane sight for decades. High rise building taller than 30m and constructed before 2007 are not required to have sprinklers or fire alarms fitted.

That means thousands of UK high-rise developments housing social housing residents remain unprotected. Some are owned by local authorities, many are owned by private landlords.

Retrospectively fitting fire sprinklers and fire safety measures was difficult. It meant the management of multiple trades and balancing residents concerns and fires whilst juggling the cost of installation.

Protect24 turned those concerns on their head by establishing the UK’s first one-stop shop approach for private landlords and local authorities.

A complete turkey solution for fire safety. Bespoke fire strategies for every estate, with fire protection measurements designed to protect residents including comprehensive fire risk surveys, service risers inspections, a full Type 4 Fire Risk Assessment. Corrective works and then the implementation of a full communication strategy for residents prior to a five day installation procedure.

Led by Managing Director Mark Lyons, the Protect24 team has more than 40 years worth of experience in the creation and management of social housing developments – along with in-house fire protection, sprinkler and construction specialists and dedicated customer  liaison experts who work day-to-day with residents.

Protect24 have become the UKs leading provider of retrospective fire safety measures for social housing developments.

The Brief:

Onside PR were tasked with managing the launch of Protect24 – and their ongoing promotion and profile.

We joined the team ahead of Protect24’s first project, a £5 million contract to retrospectively fit fire sprinklers and fire safety measures to 12 multi-storey tower blocks.

The properties, owned and managed by City West Housing Trust, part of the ForViva Group, were home to more than 1,200 people in the North West and the work was scheduled to be carried out over 12 months.

Onside PR’s prime task was to raise awareness of Protect24 and ensure B2B and B2C clients knew who they were and what they did.


Onside PR successfully helped to launch Protect24 and attract national media newspaper coverage.

We worked with digital design agency Run Creative to provide content for the Protect24 website, social media channels and marketing collateral.

This work included content production for brochures, website pages, SEO optimisation of website content and the creation of an initial set of high quality imagery, suitable for media consumption.

Onside PR created, directed and edited a promotional video which was subsequently used extensively for marketing presentations and open days with residents and as a powerful online marketing tool.

Since launch Onside PR have continued to manage website and social media content and develop and mange media interest, as well as securing national and regional newspaper coverage.