The Datum Group

Europe's largest monitoring specialists
Europe's largest monitoring specialists
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The Datum Group are European monitoring specialists providing geotechnical and structural monitoring and surveying across the UK and the World.

Datum has grown organically over the past 18-years and enjoyed great success but was now ready to take their business to the next level.

They believe there is huge potential to grow and capitalise on the possibilities presented by the development of HS2 and the expansion of the TransPennine Express.

Datum has grown significantly since its launch in 1999 and now employs more than 120 people in multiple locations in the UK and around the world.

The Brief:

Onside PR was tasked with helping Datum to tell their story.

They were rightly regarded as leading experts in their industry and were very successful with a large number of repeat client.

Many of these clients had worked with Datum for a number of years and, aside from the requirement to satisfy tender criteria, were largely uninterested in any external perception of the business.

Business was brisk and Datum’s reputation on the rise, yet their public perception was out-of-date and didn’t encapsulate their position within the industry.

For example, Datum Monitoring was launched in 1999 to provide specialists monitoring services to the rail industry.

Yet, in 2016, the company had grown to offer far more than simply monitoring services to the rail sector.

Whilst the creation of bespoke monitoring solutions remains very much at Datum’s heart, the business also now boasts a specialist surveying team.

They work across multiple sectors including rail, construction, energy, the environment, mining and transportation.

Datum have developed a range of products used by in-house engineers and third-party providers around the world.

Examples include the RailtrackMate, a critical rail track temperature monitoring device approved by Network Rail, and the VoidMate, a track void monitoring system.

Datum also developed an innovative software package designed to provide cutting edge data analysis.

Yet, despite these major additions to the business, the company was still known as ‘Datum Monitoring.’

Onside PR was commissioned to conduct an in-depth marketing review and business analysis.

This was presented to the board, followed by the development of a longer-term marketing strategy designed to position Datum as market leaders in the sectors in which they operate.


Datum Monitoring were rebranded as The Datum Group.

It was clear the business provided far more than  Monitoring Services and yet this was not particularly clear, and could have hampered further development.

There was also concern that the very impressive stand-alone departments or division may not receive the recognition or respect they deserve.

The branding was also confused. The website and company literature was littered with differing versions of the Datum logo, references to a bigger ‘Blue T Group’ and products which seemed to compete with the overall brand.

This can dilute marketing and branding efforts and even give off mixed messages to clients.

We established a very clear brand hierarchy, with the company relaunched as The Datum Group.

We created four divisions of the business: Datum Monitoring, Datum Survey, Datum Systems and Datum Interactive.

This provided clarity for clients old and new, but also a sense of identity for employees.

Brand guidelines established a very clear vision for the business and provided clarity moving forward, with new staff uniforms, vehicle livery, signage and stationery.

The website was relaunched, completed rewritten and reorganised to provide an enriched visitor experience, with easy online access and clarity.

Stunning new photography, motion graphics and supporting brochures, stat sheets and install guides for clients, provided the Datum Group with marketing collateral befitting of a leading business.

Having established a new professional look Onside PR were able to secure media coverage across a variety of sectors, raising the profile of The Datum Group, it’s CEO and founder Rory O’Rourke and attracting interest from potential suitors.

This included coverage in industry-leading media including Rail Engineer, Ground Engineering and the Parliamentary Review in 2017.

Onside PR also secured strategically placed advertising across relevant media and organised exhibitions, conferences and opportunities to increase market exposure for Datum and it’s CEO Rory O’Rourke.

We created rich, unique and engaging content for the Datum website, and led social media strategy providing content initially to launch the new look and then direct policy.

Onside PR founder James Fletcher worked in the Datum Group in an ‘Acting Marketing Director’ capacity, reporting directly to Datum’s CEO, MD and the board, until January 2018.

We were delighted that following this rebranding exercise, and having enhanced Datum’s position in the market, global engineering giant DYWIDAG-Systems International were encouraged enough to acquire the Datum Group in October 2018.


Onside PR implemented a marketing, communications and PR approach at Datum. This included company and product brand design, website launch, vehicle livery, advertising, press coverage, Social Media channels and event organisation.

James also provided internal counsel to Datum Directors and staff on PR, marketing and communications considerations.

The new brand and associated activities have helped Datum to grow their presence in new markets and has increased visibility of our products, services and our successful involvement in major infrastructure projects.

Dave Gough, MD, The Datum Group