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Emergency Services Show WASP Launch


The WASP was officially unveiled at The Emergency Services Show.

Members of the public and emergency services were finally officially introduced to the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection.

It has taken three years of development and trials but the WASP is now available for immediate dispatch to a global audience.

The Emergency Services Show marked the official launch of the WASP but the monitoring equipment has been actively deployed at a number of high profile emergencies.

The WASP was deployed at the recent M20 bridge collapse in Kent whilst Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue have used the WASP on multiple occasions.

Brigades across the UK, Germany, Singapore, South Korea and America have been using the WASP for months. The WASP is also now part of the UK ISAR official emergency response kit.

The Emergency Services Show, the UK’s largest trade show for the blue light industry, was the first time the WASP has been introduced to a public audience.


WASP co-founder Rory O’Rourke, said: “It was a wonderful event and there was an enormous amount of interest in the WASP.

“I have attended lots of trade shows over the years in relation to my main business, DATUM Monitoring, but this was the most productive show I’ve attended.

“We know that the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection is a great product and the feedback we’ve had so far has been terrific. This was the first opportunity to introduce it the public.

“We must thank David Brown of Broden Media for inviting us, it was a fantastic experience and the interest in the WASP was incredible.”


The WASP, or Warning Alarm for Stability Protection, is the world’s first portable monitoring device created to detect movement and / or vibration.

It is designed to provide protection for emergency services personnel and members of the public in a variety of scenarios. These include road traffic collisions, collapsed structures and trench rescues.

Co-founder Matt Keogh is a serving member of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue. He has been part of the UK ISAR team for 25 years, the veteran of multiple natural disasters including the 2001 Indian earthquake.

He delivered a key note speech to visitors to The Emergency Services Show, which attracted 6,433 visitors.

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